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Posted by KZR on May 4, 2012 at 12:10 AM

There is so much in my mind right now, I thought that probably blogging about it would be a good way to put things "on paper".

As you may have seen in our FB/Twitter feeds, the 3d version which seemed frorever stalled, if not abandoned, is back on full steam.

Not being able to use one of the required formats of 3D models made me drop development of the 3D version some time ago, but thankfully DAZ 3D held a free giveaway of their suite worth 850 bucks(!!). With the problem of models solved, on goes the journey into 3D lands.

The 3D game will pick up the concept of his 2D brother and improve it. You may have seen us experimenting with fake depth and perspective illusion in the 2D version, well, in the 3D version you will actually be able to move in depth, while the levels still play as a side scroller. Not only will you find lots of alternative paths on one single map, the exploration of depth will add a new element into sidescrolling platformers.

This time, none of the versions is being dropped. I'm trying my best to develop both at the same time but it's impossible. I would have to stop having a life outside development !

So here again I make a call for help. I've been contacting everyone i can and it is still not enough.

Before explaining what is needed, there is a major decision that will affect the whole workflow of the project. I is as follows:

SD2D, or "classic" SD, is free and open, and will always be. This game will be the face of the SD universe. Finishing this game will prove us capable of producing a good game on zero budget.

Now what if we had more than only zero budget? We'd have a more powerful engine, a bigger team, more expertise and work power, better content and assets, and much more.

So i'm going to ask here, if we opened crowdfunding for the 3D project, promising that if the funding is successful, the game is released for FREE to anyone, would you help us fund the game?

Right now i can see the need for more artists and some programmers. Perhaps we'd use professional music, sound effects and voice acting after a prototype proves we're doing it right.

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