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Posted by KZR on October 9, 2012 at 6:40 PM

I guess it's true, an old saying that got stuck into my head:

"Make your way and the world will follow"

It's been almost 2 years since the first prototype of SD, appropriately numbered v0.1 - This was the beginning of something new. Not only a never before seen style of game , mixing all that made platformers great. But make no mistake, I did make some. Oh boy I did! I have never used an engine past the first steps, but the ease to mod Open Surge, with all the knowledge i had of sound and graphics, made a good starting point.

But the start wasn't smooth. To begin, I have never coded anything, except basic BASIC (mind the pun :p), and unless *.bat files count too. So, my passion for graphics started blooming again, and slowly i went from ripper to freebie user, to finally become fully capable of originality.

By this time i was blessed with lunarrush, SilverstepP, and Jason Buividas, and our small Open Surge family.

We were all beginners, and Silver was the scripting head of the community. This guy tore the API inside out trying to make a game and the community revered him for that. I learned the language thanks to him, and started making a deeper RPG system to go along with the platforming. lunarrush then adapted what would be an early FCS or Fracture Combat System.

Multiple prototypes later we released V0.3, probably our most widespread so far, trying to reach a bit into every pot of ideas we had. But we've just scratched the surface. We kept wanting more and a distinct graphic style.

Then this experimental phase led into lots of new discoveries, that we would later put in the drawer. 3D seemed attractive and we wanted to try, even if just for lulz.

Right now we can tell that 3D is out of our capabilities, and will be until an undisclosed time, where we have enough human and technological horsepower to do something consistent.

Along with the start of the Fractured Reality engine, in which lunar has been working for a few months, joined Luiz Pimenta, a man of good ideas, specialized in multimedia and marketing. We had so many great discussions in a small time frame that it's like we all share the same vibe.

And now we can say for sure , that if (WHEN) the engine enters a productive state, we'll be producing 2D for a while. For anything that can run the latest Java.

Having an engine of our own allows us to make a buck with games without having to answer to anyone. But it's not about us wanting your money. We need the money to make projects you agree to pay for. And that's called crowdfunding.

Right now we are registering a domain and building a new website for our team, Fracture Game Development. This site where you are currently reading this might be kept for historical purposes. But the Shinobi Densetsu project will almost surely move there, and become itself a crowdfunded initiative.

We want to interact with the public as much as possible, so we thought that if we let people vote in which projects they want to play first it would be a way to make the "Game Company" a term that reminds you of democracy and not "Shut up while i take your money".

Staying in tune with the community is also something we want to put in practise. There are some things we would personally refuse to do, but we're very open minded and love what we do. So any ideas for new games can come to discussion.

And if you have a talent, you could also apply for the team, who knows? It all depends on how successful our first games become. Until then, we keep drinking coffee, living double lives, and not sleeping as we should ;)

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