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Back in 2D

Posted by KZR on November 17, 2011 at 3:45 PM

After the last post a lot of people over the internet asked if we were abandoning the 2D version.

in 2 words:


Really, we never had the intention to abandon it. What happened was a period of time where nobody was available for development. While it is true that a 3D version came to an early prototype, there are some things that led us away from 3D.

One is the lack of Linux support in Unreal Engine, which would drive away all our Linux-using fans.

Second, 3D requires a lot of manpower which is not available in a short time. Sure, 2D also requires a lot of work, but mostly anyone who can use their painting apps is a possible help. No modelers, no lighting dudes, and most of all, no expensive apps or tricky setups of free ones to export "right".

There are times in which only one person is developing, at times like the one in the previous post, none. And very few can work in more than one area, and trust me, being McGyver ain't easy in 2D, imagine in 3D...

So, guys and gals, this Christmas (or whatever you call it, personally, it doesn't matter more than a regular holiday to me.), v0.4 will NOT be out. Excuse me for being so blunt, but it is still a bit far. What you get, though, is a heavily reviewed 0.3, setting the base for 0.4, in which we expect to have stuff like equipment ready, and yes, VISIBLE equipment. Badass swords or bulky tank armors will be yours to showoff.

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