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Posted by KZR on November 18, 2011 at 9:20 PM

Always on the lookout for partner projects, Team SD has become like a branch of something bigger: Team Fracture.

This bigger team is composed of people working on 3 different games, Fractured Reality, Mechanical Marathon, and of course, Shinobi Densetsu.

This is something truly amazing, because we can do a human resource exchange kind of thing, which means that we get to work on other games, as well as makers of the other games may get to work on ours.

So, what does this change in SD?

To start, as token of appreciation, we will start displaying the Team Fracture logo (when we have one).

We will have more potential working power

We now share te same forums in a new board. This was a good thing that came in a time we really needed. Our previous forums have been plagued by spammers, and since there was nothing too important, they have been removed. If you were registered, you will have to do it again.

and last but not least, we will, in due time, see a new engine powering our games. The Fracture Engine.

Confirmed features in plans include:

support for 8-10 buttons (opposed to 4, in the current engine)

Hardware rendering (very few people have less than a 32Mb gfx card, so it should render faster in a lower cpu as long as you have a supported card).

I don't know much more details, but only these two would allow us to scratch a few things off our wishlist, that probably wouldn't see daylight in the current engine. Think about real-time lighting effects, shaders, displaying and manipulating 3D objects...

I can't tell for sure if and when these features will be in, but this is very exciting!

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