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Anniversary release, v0.4, recruitment

Posted by KZR on January 3, 2012 at 1:20 PM

First, if you haven't played the Anniversry edition, it is now available.

But the best news are yet to come. New year, new game. Well, sort of.

Since the engine had a new release recently, we decided it was best to restart the game. Not only to take advantage of some great new features, but because our code was getting messy.

We spent the whole last year learning game design and the Open Surge Engine API, and guess what our crash course was? Yup, SD.

So for this fresh start we decided not only to invest more in documentation, but we also replanned and are actually rebuilding every subsystem from scratch.

Confirmed wip features:

  • Redesigned menu modules, now with 4 sections each with a shortcut key (actually it is the only access)
  • Total redesign of sprites - Most players, enemies and NPC will get smoother animations and somewhat changed looks.
  • Better collisions - unlike the previous system, this one will have masked collisions for everything that is interactive, making a greater use of pixel-perfect collision than of hitboxes.
  • More actions - Now that you get a fourth action button, you should expect exciting new abilities.
  • New companion system - you will have less selectable players, but more AI recruitable NPC. Build your own army!
  • Equipment - As soon as all player sprites are set, attachments such as weapons and armor will finally come to light.
  • 2-player competitive mode - Tons of minigames you can play with a friend locally.
  • More game modes - Arena rush, Arcade, Special Missions...
  • Efficiency - Reduced usage of system resources, cleaner code, more use of the engine features and less of scripted solutions.
  • Dubbed English dialogues - You heard the man!
  • Your suggestion Here:

Also we need a few more soldiers in our ranks:

Voice Actors

Story Writers

Document Writers

Sound Effects Recorders (Real)


Artists (Digital and Concept)

Level Designers

and if you think you have a skill you'd like to use, let us know :)

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